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Two Cabins: One New Nadia Allgood

Two Cabins: One New Nadia Allgood

We used the excuse of Nadia getting married to get our best friends together and take a girls trip to Omaha a couple of weekends ago. We found an AIR BNB in Council Bluffs, right on Lake Manawa. Aside from a few spideys, the old lake house was awesome for us. So cozy, fully furnished, and a great view.

We said hey to the lake for a bit when we got there, and then headed into Omaha to find lunch.

We ate at this European Bakery/Restaurant called La Buvettte. The menu is hand written daily, and the skinniest men with beards and glasses that Omaha has to offer, all work there. Almost none of us knew what we were ordering, but, we got to sit near the open patio and catch up and plan our weekend. 

We spent most of the afternoon wandering around the Old Market. We headed to Beansmith Coffee, I tried a nitro cold brew?! It's like brewed with nitrogen gas and poured through a presurized valvue-and comes out of a tap-like beer. It's creamy like Guiness. Anyway, it's good-try it.

We also hit up Ted and Wally's-an Omaha must. Their hand turned ice cream is always changing and so so so worth the visit. I had pumpkin-stout ice cream. UHHH, why doesn't Des Moines have something like this?!? 


I went to Omaha all the time in high school, but it was awesome seeing it through new eyes and with my friends! 

Dinner was at Plank Seafood and Provisions. Trout was on the menu, so yeah. And it was. so. good. Like potatoes under the trout, tossed with herbs and sauces made from things I have never heard of.  It was so warm and so good. Talapia, salmon, and oysters were also at our table, and everyone left happy and satisfied.

We picked up some wine and stayed up at the lake house talking about our men, our relationships, and our walks with the Lord. It's so sweet to get to listen and talk about our families and things we are learning and being humbled in-because we are all so young and so immature, and God is showing us how to be more faithful and more loving in our lives.

The next morning we stayed in and cooked bacon and eggs and fruit and made coffee. The weekend was so good for us all to get to just be weird and goofy and talk about all of the change of this year and praise God together for how He is growing us and changing our selfish ways little by little.


The next weekend was spent in ANOTHER cabin. Can't get enough of fall cozy cabins. Well first! I got to meet Nadia's high school friends and host them at my apartment for a little party.

I headed over to Lake Darling to spend the day  helping set up for Nadia and Kyle's wedding. The other bridesmaids and I seriously cut these pine branches for the centerpieces and arranged flowers and tables for hours. But! the tables turned out woodsey/beautiful/tasteful/classy. 

The evening before the big day wrapped up with dinner in Washington, IA at this really great Italian place in the town square! We gave toastes, shared stories, and prayed for Kyle and Nad's future days. The girls headed back to the lodge. We found Avery like this, waiting for us.

The night ended by the fireplace with wine and good friends.  

The morning started wayyyy chill. It included egg bake! Dutch pastries, and lots and lots of cozy coffee.  

The morning flew past- the cabin filled up with wedding busyness, and off we all went to Lake Darling.  


Logan Clement (and Courtney) shot the wedding, and the photos are for sure promised done deal going to be stunning. 

The ceremony  was on the hill next to the lake. It was beautiful and chilly. We wrapped up the night in the lodge, with candles and warm fall foods.  

And the best part-they're married! AND they are our neighbors!! Our life is so good and so full.  

Pleasant Street keeps getting sweeter!  


The Spaids. It's Done.

The Spaids. It's Done.

The Best Fall Saturday

The Best Fall Saturday