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The Spaids. It's Done.

The Spaids. It's Done.

ANNNNNDDDDD.....They are married!

A year of dating, a whirlwind summer of change, hard adjustments, and seriously down to business planning is now all in the shadows of Delaney and Spaid crossing the imaginary marriage line.

This post can be in lieu of the amazing speech I wrote out for the reception...but was too scared/ill prepared/nervous/sweaty/confused/weird microphone things were happening to tell all of the people!

Thursday night, I rushed downtown after a work event to join a room PACKED with so many of my favorite people! It was like the excitement of Zach and I's wedding friends coming from out of town, all over again!

The Eilts and Spaids did a great job of hosting us and taking care of everyone the entire weekend-no one went hungry, we were supplied with above and beyond the necessities.

We headed to our little hotel room, and did all the pre night things. Talked, laughed forever (Eileen was back in town, never ever ever a moment of not goofyness), prepped, and ate all the sweets, and drank all the wine.

I met Delaney's Austin, turned Nashville architect pal, Victoria. She was the sweetest, kindest, and most patient traveling bridesmaid I know. She's a brave lady for stepping into the Paulina/Paige/Chelsie/Eileen/Delaney friend group for a few quick days.

The next morning, I pulled up to the aparmtent to find Delaney walking out like a fall celeb.

We rehearsed, chilled, ate, drank coffee, and got ready to go! The girls chilled in Paige and Chelsie's apartment, the boys over at Zach and I's.


Graham headed over midday, and hung out with us. And soon enough, Delaney whisked out in her grecian, beautiful dress. She was stunning, and elated to go see Spaid.

They first-looked and read their vows to each other in the tropics of the Botanical Center. The bridal party (featuring my babe of a husband) lined up for photos.

Check these little guys that were accompanied by some sweeeeett flower arrangements by Lauren, Austin, and Avery. Too good.


The invites and programs were designed by my friend Teryn. How stunning are these? I also have a feeling hundreds of these were hand glued by her the day before. What a friend.

And in case you're curious how hilarious and how well Delaney knows us, read these.

The ceremony was bomb, the decorating crew some how made the very normal, very standard, church stage look like a little paradise. Spaid and Delaney read their letters out loud to each other, which made very clear to everyone that they love each other, they admire each other, and they love who God is growing each other to be.

Yes, I cried (ZACH, ugh). Marriage is a beautiful thing, and to listen to Spaid love her verbally and Delaney affirm her respect for him, was really sweet to get to witness.

We rushed off to the botanical center, and mingled for HOURS. It was a warm room filled with seriously the best people!! weddings are great. It flew by! And it was time to head. The newlyweds snuck out and off to their honeymoon in Florida (okay that beats Iowa's indian summer).


Zach and I drove home and I picked up and left for a work trip early the next day!

It breezed by, but, Zach and I are so PUMPED for the Spaids. If it wasn't translated enough at the wedding and in my half hearted speech and Zach's bomb speech, they are our best friends. And on top of that, they are all too similar to Zach and I. We love having them down the street. 

See why Pleasant Street is the best?!  





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