Hi friend, thanks for swinging by!

Welcome to Pleasant St. blog!

I'm Emily. I live in Des Moines, IA with my husband, Zach. I work full time at a incentive travel company which is a pretty amazing thing to get to do for most of my day. 

We are content with small scale urban living. We have a big old pre-war apartment in a historic neighborhood bordering downtown. There are creaks and critters sometimes, but we embrace those for continued cheap rent and a cozy place.

We love to keep ourselves busy with a new project, a new hobby, and time with our friends. And this is where I get to document all of that!

On the blog you'll see

Some daydreams of projects or moments I envision in my head. Or some current products that I'm eyeing. I love the current asthetic that Zach and I share in our apartment and in our closet - so you might find some interior and apparel posts. You'll read long retellings of weekend trips camping and flying fishing in the summer or exploring midwest cities in the winter. 

We get the opportunity to travel and see a whole lot of places at this point in our lives. Because reading and looking at other people's experiences captures me, I post a lot of my trips as well. And I think you should find things that you really love about the place you live in, so there are a whole lot of life updates about Saturday's well spent or new places to go out to eat with your girl friends.

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