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Update: Storage Room Revamp

Update: Storage Room Revamp

I realized that I never really wrapped up my previous post about our inherited eye sore storage room and my daydreams for it.

It seems like I painted it and moved things back in and summer just took it from there. 

We used it about every day for gardening, lawn games in the park with our friends, camping, fishing, traveling, grilling. Everything. We put things in, took things out all the time!

Fall is here and we are storing our window unit and more gardening cages and stakes will come in. So this is an ode to the clean and clear vibes from the summer!

Here is a quick snippet of what it was like before. The window light poured into our apartment, and the walls were either plywood or dark dark brown. 


I started with one coat of white paint.


It was actually soaked up so quick. Mind you, these were hot humid June days with basically no window breeze coming in. 

Friend/neighbor, Lauren let me have this brick painting roller for my second coat!!! It was a game changer.  


The brick walls and ledges were a world of difference from the brown paint to bright white.


And then. It was time to move things back in!!! I shuffled this giant set of lockers around each time I moved to a new spot. Increased sweat.


Zach brought these ikea shelves from his apartment. He wanted to keep them for future random uses, so I painted the wood grain white with the help of a friend! Power sander, so many coats of paint.


I bought these little teeeennnyyyy tinnnyyy hairpin legs online and fastened them to the bottom. I wanted it to be off the ground a bit and wanted a little more industrial feel.


Anddddddddd! Here it is! Now when people get the grand tour, they see bright white and organized.

Before you notice and wonder, I didn't notice until this photo was taken that those little cube shelves are showing off the slant of the floor and are maybe asking for  a middle support leg.... 


We have a canoe that's stored at Zach's parents house in the country. But the oars are here!


The upper shelves store awkward bamboo curtains that came in the apartment. Most of the things are my gardening pots and supplies. I usually repot in here and am able to go out the back door with soil and water to my "garden" out back.


Big ax, tiny ax. 


The other side of the room is a whole lotta everything. Zach found these lockers for $100 on Craiglist and brought them home!!! 

As a 12 year old, I was exposed to lockers as a part of interior function in PB Teen. I dreammmmeedddd about getting old lockers for my bedroom. So really, this was a dream come true! 

We hang our hiking packs and sleeping bags from the built in shelf. 

We store our fly fishing gear in some heavy duty tubs that Zach nerded out about :) 


Each of our lockers has a purpose! We both have a flyfishing locker.


And we both have a hammock/hiking boots/chaco locker


I bought these wooden crates from a craft store on sale. They have our paint supplies, car maintenance supplies, tents, basketballs, random extension cords, etc. 

These are the kind of things that used to just be tossed about out here.


We have a quick stash of firewood for bonfires and camping! 


I typically like to organize and decorate a room based on what fits in what and the way things look. I will have no problem digging out a tub on the bottom of the stack to get out buckets or random bags of charcoal to not have to see them the rest of the time. 

Zach prefers to have things organized by usability. So the things he often gets into, he wants to be easily accessed. SOOOO. I learned how to change a bit and make our home more enjoyable for both of us!  

I did get this little keychain for our storage room lock from United by Blue :) I eyed them when I stopped in the store in Philadelphia. So I got one to commemorate the storage room project! 


I totally enjoy the organization of the room. 
I also enjoy that we utilize about every square inch of the room. Even stringing up our wet waders across the spanse of the room after a fishing weekend.

I also reallllllyyy enjoy the way it looks when I glance up into the room while making coffee each morning. 



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