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Iowa State Fair

Iowa State Fair

Uh huh. Mmmmmm! The fair. The most amazing week of the year.  

Okay, I've been slowly working to that sort of enthusiasm. 

Zach and I have made plans every year that we have been dating to go for the fair together. I did actually get to the point of having a day dream mid winter last year about our nights at the fair the summer before.  

This year, we got the chance to go with our best friends on the last day! It's a different feel during the day than it is at night. More families, less high school dates.  

But it was the perfect day where we ate some of the most perfect eats. I wish I would have documented them all, but here is WHAT YOU NEED TO EAT NEXT YEAR.  

In order of personal favorites.  

1. Fried Snickers (2 if you're smart) 

2. Greek Euro  

3. A Giant Cup of Beer  

4. Corn dog

5. Turkey Leg  

6. Red Velvet Funnel Cake 

7. Pineapple Whip  


Sadly, the salt water taffy did NOT compete with the San Francisco taffy. 

Although we are fair eaters, we also walked 7 miles. We got alllllll the way to the tippy top of the hill (new sights for my eyes). 

And here we stumbled into a little piece of South Dakota. There were pelts and tomahawks and teepees and kilts. The gambit, really. 

There in those tents I bought a slingshot!!  

Looks like Pleasant Street is going to be a little more like South Dakota for the remainder of the summer. 

Des Moines is the greatest. 

Especially Pleasant Street. 



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