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Delaney's Bachlorette Weekend

Delaney's Bachlorette Weekend

Last weekend we headed back out to my family’s cabin for a little girls weekend getaway. We celebrated Delaney’s last moments (weeks) as a single laddaayy.

(We bought disposable cameras for Spaid's Bachelor Party and Delaney's Weekend! Some of these are film, some are iPhone....You'll know the difference.)

What a good crew. I have the best friends. They are not ALL here, but gosh, God has blessed me richly with good friends and laughter and growing depth in our relationships.

It was a good in between summer and fall kind of vibe. It was warm enough to get into the river and also cool enough for all the best layers!

Zach gave me a good talking to about starting fires without him. I have started so many fires. But, DID you know? There is a log cabin and a teepee etiquette you can take-depending on your preference.

Ahem, I think mine is log cabin, but I am developing it still. Stay tuned.

But, the wood was wet. So, the log cabin took WAY WAY longer than it should have.

The rest of the afternoon was hammocking, napping, sun bathing, and canoeing.

We took a quick trip into the tiny town to get sweet treats (always). Other than that, we stuck to the shoreline.

Although we spend most of our time outside, I love how the inside of the cabin makes me feel. Mostly like a kid-wild and dirty and tired from a long day of literally no cares, except how to make my biggest to date drizzle castle out on the sandbar.

I was on the dinner crew. So we went all out cabin/fall/cozy dinner. Acorn Squash with black bean/quinoa/spinach/lime juice with cornbread and salad and a little Cab Sauv on the side.

SO cozy. What good feeling it is to gather everyone from playing and relaxing around the table for a meal together.

AND then came pumpkin dessert and ice cream and cozying up for some gift giving around the hearth. Okay we don’t have a hearth, but I wish we did, but it was cozy anyway!

Always, always must end the night with s’mores and fires. At this point, not captured, Nadia got way weird. In the way girls get weird with too many sweets and a little dab of wine. In the same, really, that little girls get wild and weird at sleepovers with sugar. No wine at those parties. Just sugar.

ANYWAYYY. A little weird around the campfire is always called for.

We all snuggled in our beds with the windows open and TRIED to block out the FLOCK of geese, that seemed to be barking/honking on our lawn for hours. Too many hours.

The next morning, we brewed many pots of Folgers and the breakfast crew made the new competition of the Best Egg Bake. It was divine. And came with fruit and coffee. Can’t beat that kind of morning.

After a little morning walk, we packed up and headed out.

Always sad to leave the cabin after a beautiful weekend outdoors. But! Let’s get Delaney all married off!

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