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Welcome to life on Pleasant Street!

Where is Pleasant Street?

Where is Pleasant Street?

Pleasant Street is the next season

Geographically speaking, Pleasant St is a few blocks away from my apartment now. A little bit more nestled in the center of Sherman Hill, the best neighborhood in Des Moines (in my opinion - and the opinions of the other bohemian men/cat ladies/hipsters/chicken keepers/young professionals that share the tree lined streets).

If you're just tuning in and we don't know each other well, let's get together and be friends!

God has led me through quite a few turns, transitions, and milestones this last year. 

I came home from studying abroad in Italy, worked part time and finished my bachelor's degree full time, turned into a full time Event Planner for a non profit in Ames, moved to Des Moines, bought a Ford Escape, learned how to fly fish, left my position for a new job at ITA Group, bought a Scion Xd, got engaged to Zach, and took my first work trip to Orlando. 

It feels like whirlwind some days, but wrapped up between all of those times of decision making and hard work are really sweet times and memories made with new friends in Des Monies, serving and growing with my church connection group, and getting to celebrate engagements, marriages, birthdays, and accomplishments with some really amazing people. 

So here's to the next things in life-all happening at Pleasant St.

Wedding Adventure

Wedding Adventure