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Cycling and Cowboy Camping

Cycling and Cowboy Camping

Couples that stay together eventually grow to be the same person. I am convinced. Either you hold similar physical traits or your lifestyle is synced up enough to be wearing the same type of clothes and doing the same type of activities together.

Last week Zach got the matching bike to my bike.

It really is the perfect bike (duh, that’s why I was drawn to it). But, because doing activities with each other is way more fun than doing them by myself, we decided to get the same bike as it would ensure that we are alongside one other on the same adventure (other than my workday commutes). Go see our friend Tanner at Rassy’s and get yourself the same bike as us!


Raccoon Valley River Trail

We have been riding in Des Moines a bit and decided to get out of the city for the weekend to see the trails. We went to Raccoon River Valley Trail starting in Redfield and went to Yale and back - clocked about 36 miles on our bikes.

In DSM, the trails are often curvy and weave through neighborhoods and rivers. There are high trafficked parts of the trail that you have to slow way down for and maneuver.

Out here the stretches are loooonnggggggg and the people are few. The trails are under arches of trees and you find yourself running along side Irish looking meadows, cow pastures, and then a few miles later you pop out into open cornfields and bright sun.

We had the best time learning how everything works, practicing our inclines and long descents, and stopping for a snack break in all of the amazing teeny towns! My favorite part of hiking camping and fly fishing is being out in pieces of land and tiny ice cream shops that I would otherwise have no business coming across.


Last year about this time, we went to Zach’s family’s house to camp and canoe for the weekend. That’s right here.

We wanted to clear the shrubbery and set up hammocks in the middle of the woods to prep for our backpacking trip. We were so enchanted by the fire and big open sky out in the clearing that we realized the real treat of being alone on private land is not having to retreat to a tent  if you want to fall asleep by the fire staring at the stars.

So we did just that. Got really cozy and slept like cowboys on wool blankets next to the fire with nothing but some whiskey and the North Star... but with modern sleeping bags and headlamps. 


Easter morning this is what we woke up to!!!


The bright and shining morning in a serene beautiful setting was amazing. Somehow, Zach out slept me ( never happens!) I spent the time reading the moment that the women at the tomb were given the most incredible news of all of history - that Jesus had been resurrected!! The angels told the women : 

 “Remember how He spoke to you in Galilee, saying “The Son of Man must be betrayed into the hands of sinful men, be crucified, and rise on the third day.” - Luke 24:6-8

This is the moment that changed all of eternity for every single person! While Easter morning on top of a beautiful scenic hill is easy to take time to read and be reminded of the intense glory and joy that comes from Jesus not dying, but conquering sin and death in rising up, I want to remember this bright glowing morning that those women experienced every morning. 

Thankful for weekends outside and near friends and family. I have been given so much. And cycling and cowboy camping is just a tiny slice of it!


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