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Mood: Fall Change

Mood: Fall Change

We are moving apartments this weekend! The summer heat broke yesterday, and with that comes all Midwesterners daydreams of fall. 

Fall has this slightly mysterious feeling to it. Summer blazing days are gone, there’s a quietness that starts to settle- breezes, chilly mornings, different sunlight, and the new landscapes that pop up.

I like change! But I think I haven’t experienced notable change for the last 3 years. Before then, it went college and summer plans and interning and studying in Italy and dating and graduating and full time employment and moving cities and car shifts and engagement and new jobs and weddings. I got used to pushing through to the next thing!

But we have had the luxury of being settled and steadily building up the different areas of our life.   

So  this new duplex popped up and hopped into an already mentally stretched time frame for me. Transitioning positions at work,  traveling, and then cutting open my hand last week have all made me feel out of my normal element and routine. So may as well throw paper work and leases and packing and coordinating on top of it :) 

I am seeing that I’m not as graceful at experiencing change as I once was. 

I am not complaining, but processing! And when I do complain, I have a Zach who reminds me how good we have it. And he’s right! I want to have a grateful heart in each of these growing pieces of life. There are so many awful, truly terrible circumstances happening to people.

Amongst change, I have been dreaming about a new apartment with notable upgrades, with a different layout, and big and clean kitchen (YAYY!). As the seasons are shifting and so are we, I have found moments to think ahead to what this next season might be like. As the bright sunshine grows softer, as nights get chillier and we are home cozy, what will I take in through my senses and what will it make me feel? As we make our slow Saturday morning breakfast  in our open kitchen and lounge around with coffee on a fall day, what will it be like? What will we think and talk about on a dark crisp evening out on our front stoop?

This board is my daydreams of the next few months! 

We are leaving Pleasant Street, but never forgetting all the moments in each room and in each season that we had here.

Cheers and happy fall weekend! 


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