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Cabin Weekend in Honor of Doris

Cabin Weekend in Honor of Doris

This last weekend was one of my favorites of the year. Maybe when I look back, of this season of my life. 

My grandmother passed away this summer, and I have been mourning on and off this last month. It was the best case scenario for a death (because death is stupid no matter what)- she passed quietly, only had to leave her home and her husband for a few months, and she lived a FULL and fruitful life. I know that she understood her path in eternity was dependent upon Jesus's atonement because of how she spoke, acted, and lived. 

I get teary now just being overwhelmed by the memories and fondness that I have for her. Our personal relationship developed over 26 years. I used to depend on her for love and attention and then leaned in with more interest in her life as a young adult as I was nearing college years. And as an adult, we talked on the phone and had day visits where she just told me so so much about her life and her marriage and their heritage and their past and decisions. She welcomed Zach into our family beautifully and made him feel heard and supported in what he was interested in. She had that affect on anyone she cared about.

The cabin is all of this to me. 

She worked as a mother in the 50's (very progressive decision) to be able to help support her family and do things like purchase their own cabin in the campground that meant so much to my Grandpa. She did everything for her family and for her future family. They took care of the upkeep and welcomed anyone to enjoy it any time. 

My friends have loved the weekends there these last few years as you can see...

I found a scrap book of some of the first memories at the camp and then at the cabin, and it was THIS!!! It was hosting friends, eating meals outside, playing in the river, talking around a campfire, fishing and reading the Bible together. 

Our weekend was just like theirs! Our friends came with new pup and lotsa of good food in tow.

We hammocked and napped and grilled and walked in the river forever and ate pancakes and drank beer (and canned wine) and had a new addition of an acoustic campfire guitar haha and got out the old horseshoes.

Zach is great at taking photos when I don't even know where my phone is. Here’s a few: 

She loved people so well and with intention. This cabin is a product of the years spent working alongside her husband and continually working to get to know her family and friends even deeper. And I feel it! I feel so relaxed and known when we come here. Only good things happen at the cabin. 

I love our friends and how they know me well and intentionally keep asking questions and stick close together. My life feels so full and so fruitful like hers.

I hope to honor her legacy of caring and listening and leaning in and adventuring. She was incredible. 

Thanks for reading along :) Zach and I both appreciate all the love and empathy that people have shown us this summer. 




  The Privilege of Being Outside

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Mood: Deep Blue Sea

Mood: Deep Blue Sea