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Dark and Light: Library and Sunroom Update

Dark and Light: Library and Sunroom Update

Well! It seems as though we are staying in this old apartment a few more years! 

We did some apartment shuffling this month-dreaming, planning, budgeting, selling, painting, buying, and rearranging.  

Almost every room was touched.  

I wrote about our thoughts of not really using this big office space in our apartment here

So we dreamed up what a library could be like and what we could get that would transfer as not an apartment quality purchase, but pieces that could go with us to a future house.  

Zach had the idea to do a darrrrrrrk charcoal accent wall. Which I love a dark room. And this is about the only wall that gets enough direct light to make it work!  

We used Slate Black from Behr.  

All of these photos are not from my little iphone, Zach is way too good for me to use my shaky hands :)


After a rainy Saturday of coffee and painting, we moved things in!! We thought we would spend a good amount on a nice quality chair. As things shook out, we moved the sunroom ikea poang chairs out and realized that they are about the size, texture, and color that were were looking at online. 

Soooo beautiful Eames esque chair? No. Not now-someday. But, it’s cozy and fits our vibes! We will have a nice footrest of some neutral beige color soon-let me know if you have any favorites! Poufs have never been researched by either of us. 


And Floyd! We apparently can’t get enough of them! Their flat pack furniture is really sensible for our apartment and also happens to be beautifully designed. The birch wood and white legs on their new side table shook up the masculine that was dominating the room. Pouf will help with that too :) 

We got these cb2 shelves from Craigslist! Hello, good dealz. 

As per every room, we moved a few plants in as the final piece! 


Our. Sunroom. Solarium. Porch. Is amazing. We love having a bright room for mornings and drinks with friends.  

As we were shuffling things around, this Floyd leg bench got brought out from the closet and is now holding my growing collection of plants (one of our original ideas a year ago below) - 


Enter another Floyd side table. Haha

Side tables are hard!! We got the larger size that they offer for between our chairs for small brunch plates and cups of coffee. 


Alright these chairs! Zach got in contact with a wonderful vintage furniture and decor collector and seller here in Des Moines. This started during our Eames hunt. But we have watched his insta story and both really liked these chairs! Not for hours of reading, but for a cleaner look on the porch. They are obviously the same tones as the poang chairs, but, ya know, less loungey.

They are from an old chair company called Jasper Chair Company from Indiana. They have been in a Polish woman's house for decades :) 

We love them. Go watch his stories! Check out his attic warehouse! Tesoro Goods and Oddities


We have different tastes that come together! And we would pick different things in a different backdrop. But we are here and using every square inch of this big apartment for two! 

While we started out with bright white clean everything a few years ago, it’s fun to have a bright sunny room to start the day and a dark cozy corner to end the evenings.   



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Mood: Spring Botany

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