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Mood: Pop of Red

Mood: Pop of Red

My inspiration for this board is....... fruit cocktail. 


So. A few weeks ago I was making a veggie breakfast in the skillet for the two of us. And there were yellow peppers, white onions, white mushrooms, yellow zucchini squash....and these little red cherry tomatoes.

As I was mixing them, I was sleepily drawn to the red tomatoes amongst the neutral background of creams and whites. It intrigued me as I kept browning it all.

AND THEN I had this weird specific childhood memory pop up in my brain of times that my eyes were  drawn to the cherries in a bowl of fruit cocktail. I am referencing out of a can-pineapples, pears, and peaches with a few bright red cherries. Fan favorite as a young kid. Also those canned fruits were very popular in the 90s.

A strange deja vu memory. After that breakfast, I kept seeing myself drawn to similar pops of red in online browsing. I realized it’s a theme.  


And I am sure there must a science to it - way back to humans having to forage and being wary of the red berries or something survivalist in us. Maybe because it sends out a quick alarm in our minds. 

Obviously I am not alone here - as I gather a ton of products, looks, and designs. A few different areas of life-games, style, makeup looks, package design, place settings, everything.  

And it’s May!!! I like to keep things neutral in our home and my style, but I still like a little pop of red in early summer-I have some longstanding red fringe earrings that make their summer debut this time of year! 

Someone find me a research article on why our eyes and mind are drawn to this, please!  

Thanks for tuning in :) 




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