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Mood: Valentine's Day

Mood: Valentine's Day


I am sold on Valentine's Day in the sense of pretty things. I am not sold on Valentine's Day in the way that puts a whole bunch of pressure on dates, relationships, or lack thereof. 

Since college, I have pretty much celebrated Valentine's Day as a normal day but with a tiny bit more confetti or flowers or pink shirts. Zach and I don't do anything out of the ordinary usually - But everyday is Valentine's Day, amiright? :)

Because a little mood board is a simple gathering, here are a few ideas that I adore when I think about Feb 14th:

  • wear something a little feminine, perhaps in the blush family

  • get flowers for yourself, your friends, or for your babe (last year Zach stopped into Eden to get me a bouquet from a pop up hosted by Plum Events/Wildflower DSM). Wrap them in newspaper or craft paper + ribbon!

  • write your friends or your family or your SO a little love letter. What makes it fun for me is a little heart card from Pink Print Co.

  • if you're like my parents, decorate your house with balloons in the morning and don't hold back on the heart shaped chocolate boxes (local at Beaverdale Confections)

  • enjoy your sleepy winter morning with a bit of black coffee at your local cafe - my choice would be Horizon Line

  • have a little dinner or weekend brunch with your best gal pals. Spend time making some things with your hands!

All the love, from Pleasant St.


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