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26 in Black and White

26 in Black and White

There are birthday people and there are not really birthday people. I fall into the latter as an adult. Especially when it falls in mid - January after the wildness of holiday parties, a few snowstorms deep, and usually battling sinus infections or colds (or pneumonia). I usually have no desire other than to stay in and cuddle on a cold night or to spend the day doing my normal things with an influx of attention and love. 

Since my wants are very low, I am never prepared for how to process the intake of alllllllll of the love and personalized encouragement I receive. My friends want to hang out and give me treats and gifts. Zach wants to do whatever I want to do. My family all want to call and talk with me for awhile (or sing to me for awhile). And my coworkers and community want to shower me with nice words and gifts. And it's wonderful! I don't always know how to handle the attention, but I am so very grateful for these gifts as I understand that there are so many in the world in terrible situations of hurt or loneliness that would only dream of these experiences.  So thank you all so much for all that you do to care for me! I love you all.

Zach and I went to the Cheese Bar and then watched a little movie with a night cap and then he dropped into my hands an Ilford disposable camera! Black and white only, I used all 27 of the photos over the next few days. Sadly only half or so turned out (remember how much of a bummer this was in grade school at church camp?!) 


Nadia and I spent Saturday roaming our favorite shops and eats in the East Village....


Some of our dearest got together to play games.


Love them. 20's are looking good on us. :) Not on Spaid.


Could be any age. Could be any era.


We played a game that involves making other teammates guess things. Down below is where Spaid cheated consistently. Delaney=ernest.


This was at some point during the week! We have been lighting Palo Santo sticks this winter and it's the next best thing to a wood burning fire place.


My cute friends got our favorite Gusto pizza and we had the best little Tuesday night dinner there ever was!


My actual birthday was spent in an early church meeting, working, and having lunch with this cute lady!!


She got me a Whirley Popcorn maker!!! I have wanted one since we got her one for Christmas a few years ago :) I am obsessed with kettle corn and suddenly realized that the juices and stuff in the bags can't really be natural or good for my body at all. Also, I get to cut down a few more boxes and plastic wraps from my life/the earth by popping my own kernals! It's what I did growing up and it's supa fast and easy to do!


My birthday was probably like this....


Zach and I have been learning how to rock climb!!! We finished our last Intro to Movement class on the evening of my birthday and it's been so fun!! We have roped a few friends  into it as well. Zach and I took what I assume would be a very timeless photo in front of the rock wall, but that was one of 15 that did not come back from development :(

HOWEVER, this did.


I'm going to leave that as the end cap/night cap to this post. My years are really wonderful. My life is so full. And part of that is every day spent with this guy in that vest. 

Cheers to 26!


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