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One Fish

One Fish

I have taken a long time in posting this :) The snow will tip you off.  

I have been itching to go to the stream this month, so we are planning a short day trip this weekend!  

The last fishing trip we took was in February. The radar promised 60's, so we planned an unseasonably warm spring trout trip.

The weather ended up giving us 40 for the high.  

Zach has spent time outside when it's cold. Me, not as much. But I accepted the challenge and we packed up!  


Highlandville General :) Everything in here is the cutest.  


Those fingers grew cold quickly :) We both have these mittens for fishing and they should actually be the title of this post!  


How great is this?! It was so quiet. And crisp and beautiful.  


We spent the whole entire afternoon and early evening walking the stream. Turns out, the trouts and I have the same feeling about cold weather.  


BUT THEN I CAUGHT ONE! It was windy and cold, but I knew there was a little guy in the flow.  

I am extra cautious this year in how long I keep the trout out of the water. And I requested we both buy rubber nets to protect their scale-less bodies (and spend less time waiting for the other person with the net to come over and help, which equals less time for that little guy to be out of the water). 


It was dark and cold when we got back to the car. We were totally down to make dinner bundle up and camp by the stream, but it was wet and mucky. So we packed up and drove home in the warm car :)


It was a greaaatttttt first experience of winter fishing. Even had I not caught anything, the opportunity to stand literally in the middle of nature on a Saturday is so good for my mind. The hills and valleys and quiet with Zach gives me so much to be thankful for.

I will always put on fingerless gloves for that kind of afternoon. 

Here's to May and warmer temps! And summer afternoons in the stream!!


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