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Las Vegas as Quick as Can Be

Las Vegas as Quick as Can Be

Last Monday was amazing. Beccaaauuuuseeee, Zach called me and asked if I could come with him to Vegas for his quick work trip.

I luckily could get away and away we went!!!  

We left Sunday afternoon! 


And touched down "an hour later" in 85 degree weather. We stayed at Mandalay Bay which is the end cap of the strip and is seemingly less wild than the hotels in the middle of the strip. 


We went straight to the beach/pool for a bit! And it was amazzzinnnnggg.  


For dinner we had oysters and ribs and cocktails at this gastro pub, Libertine Social, and went walking. 

When I am in Vegas, I don't feel like I have actually been there until I walk outside down the strip in the warm night air.  And pretty much all trips Zach and I go on together, we do a lot of walking and watching together. 


We walked to the Cosmopolitan (our favorite hotel), threw a couple of dollars in the slot machines and got ice cream from Milk. 

Momofuku Milk Bar is the ultimate sweet treat shop originally in New York. They have a few other locations now, and we happened upon one in The Cosmo.  


I got the Crack Pie-soft serve-brown sugar and butter ice cream and corn flake crunch.  

SO SO GOOD.  It was THE best walking treat all the way back to Mandalay.  


The next day we went to the Exhibitors Live Expo.

Part of Zach's job is booth design, trade show logistics, and set up for the shows they attend throughout the year. Exhibitors Live brings all of the big manufacturers and suppliers of all things expo related to one place each year.  

We walked and talked with vendors and looked at options and new ideas. 

It was great to see a small slice of the decisions Zach makes at work and the intricate thoughts behind it.  


And thennnnnn, we went back to the pool for the afternoon. And I said "This is so funnnn!" about 7 times. 


We ate dinner at Strip Steak. It was perhaps one of or the best meals that I have ever had. I am tip toeing into the shellfish world, so we tried a bit of a shellfish tower. And. Then. The best steak I have ever had (Wagyu rib cap). It was accompanied by the perfect French red blend wine picked out by Zach's sommelier friend :)  


A side of brussel sprouts mixed with baked apples and a apple cider glaze. Oh my starrrrrrs. I am going to try and replicate that. 

And then we topped it off with warm cookies :) 


We meandered through the casino (ALWAYS good people watching) and up to our room.

And after a quick breakfast and a wait in the lobby, we said see ya to Vegas.


It was such a great break. The sun in the middle of winter does amazing things.  

I have continuing gratefulness to Zach's bosses for the invitation and joyful giving to us! I loved every minute of the trip. 

Anddddd back to the real world and to snow.  


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