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Fly Fishing Gatherings

Fly Fishing Gatherings

We are headed nooooorrrrthhhhh (northeast) this weekend for some spring temperature fishing!  

Just a quick morning drive, some mid day fishing, and perhaps some chilly evening camping by the stream.  

Last year, we got some waders and some boots and some other essentials for me. And this year we got a few updates for ole Zach. 

A couple of our tools and accessories for the stream! 

-We get our flies from all over-either local shops or online retailers

-Little nippers for cutting line (these come in lemon yellow!)

-Furled leader so that I can spend a wee bit less time getting knots out

-A new hat that fits my tiny head from Zach :)

-The waders that we just got Zach and I have similar ones (TWINS!)

-Because an original canvas vest is beautiful in my book, but Zach likes a little more tech looking for himself

-I lose these forceps every year in shuffle of packing and unpacking

-Because I like anything leather and canvas, someday I will get this fly holder


Zach is truly the household expert on gear, I just take what he tells me and figure out what look I like!



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