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Young the Giant: Hoyt Sherman

Young the Giant: Hoyt Sherman

A Des Moines staple is the Hoyt Sherman Theater. And it's right down the hill from my apartment. 

It is this huge old amazing structure that pinpoints Sherman Hill as Sherman Hill. 

I have dreamt of walking over some night to a show, grabbing a beer along the way at Carl's and walking home after the show. 

I used to volunteer at our tiny on campus venue in college, and I loved walking home to my apartment after seeing live music, it's just a really good feeling. 

I sadly haven't been to as many shows since being in Des Moines, but! my brother is the best and surprised me with 2 tickets to Young the Giant for Christmas this year :) He appreciates live music very much, and I got to benefit! 

Nadia and I loved them in college, and she also happens to LIVE IN MY BUILDING. So we took those tickets and walked just as planned over to the show. 


We didn't actually end up at Carl's, sadly.  

BUT! It was a 60 degree evening, so we walked to Gusto for some pizza and beeeeeer. And then wandered over in time for intermission between bands.  


Okay. So walking up to the patio, the show had young kids vibes. Totally fine.  

But then we walked in...and it felt like a frat party. Red cups, old dads in bedazzeled jeans (not just the guy below...), underage kids, and lots of normal people too :) 


The house is truly Sherman Hill.  

Thick trimmings, staircases on staircases, and a lotttt of bookcases and statues.  

It is truly unlike any venue I have ever been in.  


But then you walk into the auditorium and it opens up to this hugeeee dome theater. I had no idea this building houses such a huge room. 

I have also never been to a stadium show! So the idea of seats seamed real confusing. Young the Giant is not a sitting kind of show.  

But it was great! Plenty of standing.


I mostly daydreamed back to college. When their first album was the anthem to college. 

Those were good years, and Young the Giant was the background to walking around campus, weekend trips, and laying in the park in Florence. 


It was good. :)  

There were odd smells, it was hot, but it was so good!!! 

We walked 3 blocks home to Pleasant St. and bid each other adew in the hallway (college style).  


Thank you, Matthew for the tickets!!  :) 




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