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Daydream: Winter Reading

Daydream: Winter Reading

I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Like ALOT. Some of this is easily spurred on by social media. Pinterest, Instagram, blogs. Some of it is formed deep in my brain. I get this idea of what I will do in the future. And I, admittedly, over-romanticsize it and think of all the beautiful parts and pieces of doing it. 

Example. The dead of winter last year, I was with Zach and our friends talking about how great it will be to have an apartment pool to go to after church on Sunday's in the summer. I went on to dream out loud about going to church on a warm summer morning, walking to lunch somewhere in the neighborhood, walking down the hill with my sandals and straw bag to our friend's pool, and THEN going home to change and go play frisbee or kub or a lawn game somewhere where there's a grill and some beer. 

Zach stopped me quickly with a "I love that you're daydreaming right now. But, I know you. After the pool and the sun, you'll be so exhausted and you will want to relax the rest of the weekend. Actually, I WILL be the one wanting to continue the outdoor activities, and you will want to opt out." And he was right. 

It's easy to daydream about cramming all of the best summer things into a day when you're in the middle of winter and can't imagine wasting a single second of steamy sunshine....

But. That's how I roll! I have always done this. 

I used to make collage boards in my bedroom and make packing lists months in advance when I was a kid. I now have quite the collection of secret pin boards (and quite the collection of not secret pin boards) that house all of my inspiration/things. What I will want to have on me, beside me, near me for when this picturesque occurrence happens. 

So if here is my creative space, and I spend a lot of time piecing together bits and pieces of daydreams in my mind, I am going to go back to college days and making mood boards of the physical items that are in my thoughts. 

And yesterday, the thing on my mind: reading my book in my cozy bed.

Because it is cold and work is busy and it's dark at 4:30. And all I want to do is curl up. 

And here are the ponderings of my internal day dream on cold dark days in my desk chair.

1. Because I have always wanted a pajama set 

2. This bedside (or next to the bathroom mouthwash) carafe has had my eye for a few months

3. These cashmere socks!! I think they would be a comfort dream on my feet

4. Pillow spray :) Something I used to find ridiculous, but now cant lay down without

5. We have a few of these blankets! Midwest pride

6. Got half way through this novel before the holidays, just checked it out again to finish her up!

7. We LOVE this candle, we bought #2 after Thanksgiving. I have eyed these pretty little matchsticks in a shop downtown! 

Maybe tonight is the night! 

-Pleasant St.