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Minneapolis Seems Best in Winter

Minneapolis Seems Best in Winter

I have only been to Minneapolis in the winter. I hear stories of yard games, outdoor patios, and running water falls during the summer months. I just always seem to take a weekend trip during the cold months. We are usually doing something outdoors on summer weekends, I guess.  

Anyway! Zach and I went to visit our good friends last weekend! It was a quick visit, but so so good to see them and catch up with them.  

After ordering in breakfast, we hit the streeeeets for 7 solid hours on Saturday. The usual suspects were involved as well as some new spots!

First things first, coffee. 


We browsed commuter bike everything while we waited for our coffees. So many parents with little kids, just hanging out on Saturday morning. I overheard two very adult conversations between parents and young children. It must be that kind of place.

We went around the corner to Mend

Enter the reawakening of spring and summer fly fishing weekend dreams. We walked into a teenager teaching a class of only grown men how to tie flies at a long table in the front window. The shop owner is a cozy sweater big bearded man that talks fishing, but not in the obnoxious kind of way :)


I found this collapsable net in this amazing leather sheath. Future add - ons to our gear...


And then we went to the NORTH LOOOOOOP!


We were also on the hunt for work clothes for Zach. We stopped in Askov Finlayson. I could easily buy all of the blankets and home accessories here. But, clothing, was not quite what we were looking for.


AND THEN WE WENT TO THE FOUNDRY. My dream stop. It's the top of the list for any of my Minneapolis trips. They sell home goods-usually Swedish, Japanese, or Minnesota locally made.

If I ever ran a shop in Des Moines, it would be this. OR if I ran a shop in Des Moines, despite the content, it would have a shop dog and it would have really on point seasonal trimmings (like all of this winter garland).

I went round and round this tiny shop and examined everything.  Zach was a champ and just watched me. And took interest! For the first few laps....


We swung around, me with my new home goods, to the Shinola/Filson store. I always find a new watch to eyeball at Shinola and I took in all of the quilted/heavy-knit layers at Filson.


One last stop in Wilson and Willy's to glance at new products :)


Zach took me to Able Brewing. A huge old warehouse half brewing half seating. Everyone was way chill.  

We had an afternoon beer and headed out!  


Okay also! They have my dream sink!!  


And then. We went to a new butcher shop called Herbivorous Butcher. They boast in feeding their livestock outside of the cities NOTHING but pure herbs and grass. 

I haven't done really any at all research on this or the idea of this, the shop was cute and welcoming and set up like a classic deli.

To be honest, the meat looked like dog food. The consistency was much different than typical charcuterie.


We had a car picnic because there aren't seats in the deli.  

I got this charcuterie plate.  


Zach had the award winning pastrami sandwich (I think).  

Both tasted really good!! Just, new to the eyeball. 

We popped over to St. Paul quick to BlackBlue- mens and women's shop. 

Zach tried on a few pairs of pantalones but we did not end up with any. The guy working was super helpful! They carry a few women's pieces, but I mostly sat on this leather puckered couch...


Last but not least. We started a tiny new tradition this year. Since both of our birthdays are right after Christmas, it feels bad coming up with things to ask for/do/spend money or time on. 

Sooooo we thought, maybe our birthdays will be when we buy each other nice bottles of whiskey, gin, scotch, etc. To stock up our bar. 

There's a newish gin distillery that Zach went to with his friends last fall-Norseman. Their strawberry rhubarb gin is UH REAL GOOD. 

The space is beautiful. Huge, white, marble bar, fireplace, and cozy couches. 


We tried a few drinks on the menu, and took a few bottles for our friends and for our bar :)  


Minnie is wonderful. I'm sure it's wonderful in the summer too. 

But starting the day in the south part of the city with neighborhood coffee and then shopping downtown and eating farm to table everything and THEN grabbing drinks in an old industrial area?! That's way great for a sad January Saturday. 

We are pretty glued to Des Moines. As appealing as living in Minneapolis is, it's so nice having these stops a day trip away :) 

Cheers to the Midwest being spread out by a matter of hours.  


Daydream: Loaves and Buns

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