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Dinner Club: Pre Autumn Palate

Dinner Club: Pre Autumn Palate

A few weekends ago, we decided to have our second Dinner Club

We wanted to have a summer dinner, but you know how things get. SSOOOOO. We got WAY excited back in late August to start our fall flavor palates. I stepped off the plane from a long stay in Las Vegas, slept in, ran errands, picked up some wine and ingredients for fall cider, and walked upstairs to Lauren's apartment that evening! It was loud and warm and beautiful. 

Lauren and Austin were just getting settled in their pent house, but Lauren's place was perfect. Austin brought her a fall bouquet (WHAT?!) and she brought out the new wedding dishes. 

Court took these photos before we sat down AND she also hand painted these little gems for our place settings?! 

Nadia got not one, but TWO polaroid cameras with film for her birthday!! This was their first outing. 

Delaney made a little menu at work



Made by Lauren-Fig and Prosciutto Crostini's.


Girl off the plane over here brought wine, sparkling cider, and made a warm mulled cider-I mean it was pretty tasty and cozy if I may say so.


Made by Courtney-Butternut Squash Soup



Made by Nadia-Farro Salad

A new grain for my taste buds!

Main Dish!

Made by office girl, Avery-Pork Roast

YEP IT WAS SO GOOD. Kicked off all the dutch oven/crockpot recipes for the season.

LAST. The long awaited.


Anything with carrots is obviously made by Delaney-Carrot Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

It was SO FUN. All of the details were dressed up more than they needed to be for the 6 of us to have great conversation and enjoy each other. BUT, we do casual pretty often. So, it was so fun for us to use our best dishes, cook something with all the fall flavors, and sit around and enjoy that we can do that. 

Stay tuned for a winter dinner :) Maybe some outdoor hunting and gathering of sorts...

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hang out with your friends!


Fall Staple: Leather Jacket

Fall Staple: Leather Jacket

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