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September Transitions

September Transitions

I always hold on tight to summer during September. At least, the last couple of years not being a student going back to school in August.

I wait as long as possible to swap out sandals for boots and dresses for light sweaters.  

But, half way through, I felt at peace with putting my summer patterns away and bringing my heavier fabrics out.  


Sherman Hill puts together a tour of homes every September. I used to sit on my couch at my old apartment and look back at the people pointing into my place in awe of the windows and the bricks.  

I wound up with tickets to the tour, so I decided to take my apple cider out into the neighborhood for a Sunday afternoon with my friends.  

And I totally get it! Why the rest of Des Moines loves walking around during a fall afternoon peeking at the rehauls in process and last year's renovations that are now complete. 

We saw gutted and terrifying, in process beautiful windowed apartments, and a cozy brand new reno all within a block of me. 


I've been gearing up for fall and winter skin! BeautyCounter has a smaller sized line in Target right now. It was pretty exciting actually to go into the store over lunch and get a rose spray. But then I also got a lemongrass body scrub and charcoal mask delivered right to my door. 

Zach and I have been traveling a ton and these are all such treats when we get home.  


Our friends seem to be doing the apartment shuffle this month. We helped a few different friends move out, move in, and kept an apartment within our apartment for a bit. 


Now it's October! And I bought pumpkins this weekend :) All is well on Pleasant St.


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