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Indian Summer: Cabin Weekend

Indian Summer: Cabin Weekend

We went back one more time :)  

The cabin is just too good. For us apartment dwellers, it's the perfect getaway for quiet, trees, water, and yard games all in one. AND it comes with a stove and air conditioning :)

Zach and I left after work on Thursday and picked up firewood from a strangely precise man with maybe a bandana tied around his head? Woodsy meets particular. Anyway, get your firewood from him, he was on top of it. 

We grabbed all the groceries we could want! Simple was key this weekend :) sandwiches,  eggs and bacon, major coffee, major beer. Perfect. 

We drove through the storms and caught up on each other's weeks, and there we were!  


We stayed up late and sat by the river. Slept in and woke to make coffee, eggs, and bacon!  

My favorite part of the day is always sitting on the porch and eating breakfast and not really having to get up and move anywhere. We just sit and drink coffee and decide what to do next. It's LIKE a Saturday morning, but enhanced. 



Everyone who visits calls the cabin a time machine. It is perfectly retro camp vibes. My grandparents did a great job slowly (I imagine) adding things to the walls and bringing in simple essentials and decor.  


We spent a little time exploring! It was so nice out! And I like showing Zach my childhood stomping grounds! So we went into the fields and the woods. We spent time out in the river just prancing around.

We were excited to try out our new shipment from our dear friends at Mitscoots. You should check out more of Zach's photos on insta :)

Between deli sandwich and burger was pretty much just hammock lays and naps!  


Okay no, wait. There was a tandem bike ride around camp. I bought this tandem with a great friend (only great friends drive and purchase two seater bicycles) way back in our freshman year of college. It has had many break downs, a lot of near crashes, and so many good friends in the back seat. My dad took it out to the cabin as the new camp bike. Zach did all the work of fixing the foot pump and airing up the tires.

And then, we rode. I giggled the whole time. Zach kept his head down :) 


We wound down for the evening by the fire and waited for our friends to come from Des Moines!


We stayed up late! And I woke up both mornings to Ryan like this while everyone made breakfast. He never strayed from the National Geographics.


We pretty much went right out to the river. The boys played catch, the girls wandered.

My sister came to visit!! 

The guys then threw axes for a long time. Anddddd we hammocked and watched. Anyone noticing a pattern?


It was sadly drizzly and humid alllll day. So we didn't do as much as we hoped, but we did go on a walk! 

Most of the evening revolved around a fire. And it was perfect. Also because Zach and I brought our favorite canned wine

This is Zach's favorite time of the weekend, and it's growing to be mine too. 


Sunday morning we slept in, made breakfast, and sat on the porch one last time :) We got in a couple of games of Kubb before we left! 


The drive home is always good. It's nice to look forward to your home and your bathroom and your comfortable things. 

We won't be back at the cabin for another year most likely! I will miss it, but we have winter to bundle up and get cozy for.


Anyway, cheers to another great weekend that's upon us! 

This week from Pleasant St. 


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