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A Floyd Bench For Every Room (Well, Almost)

A Floyd Bench For Every Room (Well, Almost)

Happy Monday! 

Zach and I spent a good deal of time together working on projects this weekend. One of which is our newest Floyd Detroit project. Last summer, we put together our marble coffee table-still a fan favorite to our new apartment guests. Earlier this summer, we slid the platform bed under our mattress and still sleep like royalty. 

We got their new bench legs and went to work brainstorming an idea for them. I love getting to do projects with Zach! We are creative in different ways, so when we both say the same thing at the same time, I basically jump up and down at how perfect everything is. 

We decided to buy a poplar 5 foot plank from the Woodsmith store. We knew we wanted to paint it black-there is a ton of wood in our century old apartment already. We chose the poplar because it was the cheapest board foot (hint: it's different than regular foot measurement-we found that out!).

This company keeps getting better and better! One improvement was the tie down straps that added stability to the bed frame and now this set came with a rollup carrying bag and strap. Which is SO GENIUS for when we need to take the legs off of this bench and move them to our next home. 

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We decided to use semi permanent rubber adhesive for our paint. We use EVERY square inch of our apartment for a whole lotta different things. We wanted this bench to be used wherever/whenever. So! We needed it to be durable and take scratches like a champ.

As always, assembly is super easy. You unroll, unpack, and unravel. Then, you strap on and tighten. No drills or thrills here.

We envision this bench in about every single room in our apartment! Shown here: sleek modern plant holder (doubles as a foot rest for the evening wine and beer conversations that happen out here all summer).

I have wanted a bench in our closet (2nd bedroom) ever since we got settled. It is low on the totem pole of furnishings, but I was super pleased to see this fit snug under the window. I also love that it contrasts a ton with the DIY Scandinavian closet racks we built last year.

We have a little credenza that takes the daily beating of keys, sunglasses and mail. But, we like the idea of a cozier bench tucked behind the couch facing our dining room/kitchen (where all of the apartment action happens).

Last, but not least, this bench is totally perfect as our utility bench out in the gear room. Organization is a battle out here in the summer between gardening, camping, fly fishing, and yard games/grill utensils going in and out constantly. 

I like having the bench to throw our odds and ends onto as we unpack and repack.

Floyd!!! You have done it again! The process is easy and the design is minimal. From there, we are able to keep the mobility of our apartment alive! 

Pleasant Street continues to be the best place to call home.


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