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Storage Unit Revamp

Storage Unit Revamp

Our apartment came with an interesting/ weird/ question mark storage room attached to the back of it. It sits behind the dining room and brings in a ton of bright light during the day.  

However, we couldn't really use it as a livable space- something that needed to be sealed-the windows have actual gapes and it gets super dusty in there. You also enter into it via a weird door in a scary fire escape outside of our kitchen door. 

We store a bunch of weird blinds that came in the apartment solarium in there. And some other random pieces of furniture that we didn't need to use. We store our bikes, fishing gear, canoe oars, and a ton of outdoor gear out there. It's also sort of our garage workshop? Where Zach does projects. It's also our potting table? Where we dump out all of the old soil and repot our house plants?  

Part 2: I had an awesome little garden plot at my old apartment! My Rosemary, mint, oregano, parsley, and other herbs soared with success! I really miss having something to work on and take care of! Plus, the idea of snipping some herbs for summer and fall recipes is my total daydream. Ask everyone. But also! Don't ask Zach - he'll tell you I can't keep a plant alive. However. My house plants are doing great-come see for yourself! And I had weird herbs last summer/we were traveling all the time...

I have entire boards on Pinterest dedicated to my dream entryway and my dream garden/greenhouse. So here are a few inspirations that are getting me in gear to start the cleaning/minimalizing process! 

Here is my to-do list: 

1. Paint floor and walls bright white

2. Get rid of weird things/downsize/minimalize on shelves

3. Hang up Zach's bike next to mine on the ceiling  

4. Find more storage baskets for basketballs/random sports equipment

5. Rearrange tools/garden pots/ painting supplies on shelves  

6.  Build herb garden system!!

Anyway, this is what I daydream about when it's too cold to paint. And I am a list maker of all things. So thanks for checking in! STAY TUNED. Spring projects are rampant in February.

Pleasant St- is getting a makeover. 


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