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Cheers to 2016!

I don't even know what happened this month. 

I do. It's called parties and baking and shopping and wrapping.

Zach stayed home sick most nights :( I ran around cooking, baking, cheersing, and socializing most nights.

But, also, he made time to do this for our delivery guys. My heart. 


It was cold for maybe 3 total days this month. However, my new boots (that I have longed for since college) made their first appearance this month.


Side note. I think there is this revolution happening within me. 

For the past 10 years, I have bitterly hated the cold and the winter. Even getting older and having more control over how often I am outside, I just despised being cold. 

I mean, I am ALWAYS cold. Let's start there. But, my insides somehow just barely keep themselves alive during the winter. 

BUT. This year, I think that is changing. Do I love the cold?! No, no. Nooooo.

However, the mixture of upgrading to really high quality winter gear and advancing on my fear of the cold has started to embolden me. 

I have been running outside this fall and now winter. Now, it has to be above 20 degrees for me to run, however, there have been some days that I have been SCARED to be cold when I start my run. But, I make myself do it, and then I warm up (obviously) and I feel amazing afterward. 

And. It allows me to see things like this on a quiet Saturday afternoon. 

WHYYYY? Because I decided that for as much time as I spend at the gym, I don't really like the tredmill AT ALL. I maybe dread getting on that thing (and being forced to stare at either a wall or the Kardashians on repeat) more than I do bundling up to go outside.


I got to be handy this month. I like to think I am apartment maintence handy and cleaning handy, but I liked getting to be creative and bake presents, make presents, and wrap presents kind of handy. I have always loved this. In college, I remember staying in my empty apartment to work over the first part of Christmas break. I watched The Holiday and wrapped gifts in newspaper and ribbon and it made the homesickness better.


I tried to use up what we have this year! It feels good to have less wild amounts of ribbon and string sitting around. I used old boxes and brown shop bags that could be recycled or used again. 


Anyway, we stayed here this year! We spent time with our families and LOTS of time together in the car. And it was good. Chicago last year was a blast. And I am glad we did that for our first Christmas together. But, hand delivering gifts and eating sweet potatoes together is also really wonderful. Who knows what next year will be! 



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