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Saturdays in Des Moines

Saturdays in Des Moines

Its been a wild week! And somehow it's Friday already. Well, this is about LASSSSSST weekend :) 

We have had a few really great no plan weekends lately (also Zach keeps being sick, which makes him soooooo chill).  Those are the best weekends, flying by the seat of your pants on Friday around 3. ANDDDDDD it's been amazing outside!! 

We hung with friends on Friday and slept in on Saturday.  

We spent the late morning wandering the Art Center. Mainly the Vivian Maier exhibit. Zach showed me her photos a year or so ago, and I was fascinated by the story and by her photos, so I was pumped to hear there was a gallery full of her photos down the road! 


And thennnn we walked around and around. It was amazingggggg outside! We almost got hit in the back woods trails by  a mountain bike racer. We followed the cheers to this amazing half marathon of sorts, done by trail bikes and trail runners. My kind of people (okay I WISH I was part of their people....) 


We wandered down to the East Village. Got coffee and popped into Pink Print Co to visit Delaney. 


And then we did some other things. And then we took naps. And then Zach went to the movies.

And I went to the movies by myself and drank tea and purposefully picked a seat where I could put my feet up. 

And it was a really great Saturday! 

We are going to have an Iowa City weekend this weekend :)


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