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Sharing experiences both far away and right at home

What? November??

What? November??

We sat on our porch one morning and discussed where we stand on economic ideas and moves, foreign relationships, and realistic expectations for our country's leader. 


Then, we voted.  


We went to Iowa City to hang with our friends!! The four of us adventured Florence and Cinque Terre together before we were married :) and they keep moving around, so we keep going to visit them.  We got bonus catch ups with our other friends that just moved back to the country! 


Shopped the ped mall. An event on the stage of the Englert. And also! This amazing new plant shop called Moss.  


Good drinks and good treats.  


Zach went to the doctor for his long time horrible cough and found it was bacterial or viral pneumonia. He has spent the better part of the month at home alone. Sleeping, reading, learning, resting, and playing video games. 

We stepped into a new depth of illness and what that does to both of us separately and together, and it's awesome! We are close enough to be selfish and also try to be selfless at the same time. And a whole lot of stuff comes out, and it's hard, but it resolves into a new layer of depth. It's what keeps it good, ya know?


We spent a lot of time at home. Feels like the dead of winter when one of you is sick. 

We played checkers one night! The power went out another night!  


I went to Ames to hang with my sister before Thanksgiving break!  


And then! We spent Thanksgiving in our wee little apartment by ourselves.  


Annnnddddd. That's it! It's December this week already?? But this is the best month!! Parties and get togethers constantly sweeping you into the holiday.

Also, cheers to the warmest/brownest November I can remember! Cant keep me inside yet! 


Compostable Holiday Decor

Compostable Holiday Decor

Two for Thanksgiving

Two for Thanksgiving