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Two for Thanksgiving

Two for Thanksgiving

Last Christmas, Zach and I went to Chicago together. This year we decided to flip flop family and traveling and spend Thanksgiving break just the two of us.  

We had plans to drive up to Northeast Iowa and do some fly fishing and hiking this weekend, but Zach is trying to rest well and recover from his upper respiratory infection and pneumonia.  

So! We ended up staying here in the apartment. But it was awesome! It was super relaxing to come home to a warm cozy apartment on Wednesday and not have any pressure to be anywhere or do anything. 

We woke up late in the morning and sat out on the porch for a long long time and talked about the documentary we watched (True Cost) and other ideas and thoughts that we are forming together as a couple :) we have a lot of the same thoughts, and also a lot of different thoughts on the ways of life, and that's what keeps us on the porch for a long time drinking coffee. 


I started cooking our mid afternoon Thanksgiving feast. 

Did you know that while Thanksgiving has been celebrated for a long looonnngg time, it was only in 1863 that Lincoln declared it to be a federal holiday set aside for all people to praise and give thanks to the Lord?  

I pretty much only remember Indians and pilgrims becoming friends from my childhood...


I picked up these bacon wrapped turkey filets on my way home from work on Wednesday. 

Zach pan seared them with rosemary and pepper and baked them on 400 with a bit of lemon on top. :) 


He got real chefy with the raspberry sauce (next year we will learn homemade cranberry sauce).


And this sweet potato casserole!! I could eat this whole pan by myself.  

I didn't even make pumpkin pie because I knew this would be amazing. 


And then we ate! And it was amazing. And so filling. 


So then we went out for a long walk. We decided to monument with a self timer photo, but ummmm it's so blurry. Even better :) 


I took this :)  

okay Zach set it all up for me on his camera. 


We walked and walked and it was chilly and quiet out downtown. I thought it was perfect. 


We ended up walking down the hill to Carl's! We got a beer and played rounds and rounds of Buckhunter and Ski-ball. (Uh they had an entire Thanksgiving dinner set up for anyone to enjoy right behind us?!) Dive bars are the best on holidays. 


And then we got cozy and watched a movie.

On Black Friday, we spent the day basically inside. We went out and got a holiday candle. ANNDDD then we drank egg nog and ate chocolate and watched Home Alone.

This is what long weekends with no plans and no intentions other than resting do for ya!  

Its awesome. Happy Thanksgiving, from Pleasant St! 

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