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A Month of Crops

A Month of Crops

Last month was a beautiful month. It was 5 weeks of being hand delivered crops from outside of Des Moines.  

The apartment that I used to live in was across from the Wallace Center office. And I always saw people coming in and out with no idea what was happening behind closed doors!  

Turnsssssss out! One of the services they offer is corporate drop off of fresssssh plucked crops to anyone who wants to sign up.  

Perfect if you have a family, and perfect for two if you split with someone else :) My friend and I went in together, and it became the best part of my Tuesdays.


A typical take home for the Gilberts was likeeeeee: 

2 butternut squash  

1 Pam Pam pumpkin

3 sweet potatoes  

1 handful of little potatoes

1 garlic  

3 radishes  

2 beets 

1 leek  

1/2 bundle of kale

1/2 bundle of cabbage

1/2 bundle of arugula  

1/2 bundle of fresh Italian parsley

It was so fun unloading them into our tiny tiny kitchen each week and looking up recipies to put them toward.  


The week of fennel, leeks, and randoms, I made two giantttttt pots of vegetable broth to freeze for soups this winter!  


It was awesome. It took a whole lotta time. Like 2-4 hours of steaming. And cooking. And bagging.  


I also made kale chips every week for us to snack on.  


I tried to copy this amazinnggggggg sweet potato/oatmeal topping mash from Gateway.  

I followed this recipie and NAILED IT.  

One time I tried to make chips out of beets and radishes, but I realized I need a slicer thing. They didn't get thin enough to crisp the right way. Always learning :)  


Throughout the week, I combined a lot of random veggies for lunches.  

My favorite was this one:

And this one!


I made a couple of soups to freeze for rainy days :)




Anyway, many have gone before me and are obsessed with the vegetables of the earth. Anddd it was a good fall. And! I will now maybe pick up radishes and leeks at the supermarket, something I would have never ever done.  

Annnd, here's to local farmers! Buy their produce!  

Pleasant St. :)  

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