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Kansas City Shuffle

Kansas City Shuffle

Helllloooooo! You may have heard :) it was my birthday on Sunday. 

I get excited about road trips, therefore, Zach and I decided to spend Saturday in Kansas City!  

We have both been to KC a few times, so we had a list of our favorites in mind. This makes the third winter in a row that I have spent time in this city. Zach surprised me on my first birthday with him by whisking me to KC for the day for Oklahoma Joe's (now Joe's Kansas City BBQ). I joined my friends for a little Galentine's Day trip last winter.

When looking to add to our favorites, we had a hard time finding any sort of write up of good shops and restaurants in KC. So, I am taking this opportunity to jot down a few stops you should be sure to make if you're in town.

The city is very spread out,so you get a ton of different types of neighborhoods and areas, but it's not entirely a walking friendly city, so we did a lot of jumping in and out of our little car. 



Westport Cafe

(the chicest brunch with fresh flowers)

I personally feel a bit of NYC sitting on the cafe chairs eating eggs benedict and a fresh mimosa :)

Port Fonda 

(for hip Mexican cuisine)

We are talking new ceviche daily, amazing margs, and reallllyyyyy good tacos and burritos

Doughnut Lounge

(for the yummiest treats)

I had The Dolly: Sheep Milk Cheese Custard, Root Beer Glaze, Fresh Basil AMAZE


Ale House (for beer)

Julep (for cocktails)

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River Market:



Quay Coffee

(for Oddly Correct coffee and pretty mugs)



(for mens suiting and local leather goods)

West Side:


Little Freshie

(for blackberry ginger slushies and hand made ice cream goodness)


Westside Storey 

(for all things Kansas City made)

The Plaza:



(for the classic KC hat or some good denim)

Standard Style:

(for beautiful clothing and little accessories)

West Elm:

(for my dream silverware and a quick sit on my favorite couch)

Charlie Hustle

(for athletic KC everything)



Fine Folk

(for seriously beautiful, seriously chic women's clothing):


(for cards, prints, and the trendiest desk gadets):

Mid Coast Modern

(for home accessories):


UP Down

(for beers and arcade games):



(for artisan locally sourced ice cream):

Main Street:


Oddly Correct

(for locally roasted coffee):

Online Shops Out of KC:

Fable (for USA made women's clothing):

Apparently, they used to have a brick and mortar store in downtown Kansas City. Zach and I found the shop and were sad to see it CLEARED OUT. It has moved to online only, but I would say worth the browse through their thoughtfully curated items. Catbird Jewelry and Imogene + Willie Jeans, to name a couple....

 Earth and Fleur (for beautiful watercolor prints):

I had the pleasure of meeting the artist/ cute mama for a few quick moments in the craziest of situations. She is incredibly kind and left these with me. I cannot WAIT to frame this little guy in the spring. 

We Missed Out, But I Will Be There Next Time:


Hand + Land:

Urban Provisions:

Urban Mining:

Blue Bird Bistro:

Kaldi's Coffee:

Heirloom Bakery:

Thou Mayest:   

See you this time next year, KC. We always have the best time!


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