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I am doing a new kind of post, because it’s a thing that been circling my life for a bit now. This isn’t a beauty routine post, I don’t have a fancy enough routine for that sort of blogging, more like another life update.

I have never been super into makeup and hair, I don’t spend a ton of time researching. Make up always looked scary on me if I tried to do all the primering and serem and the layers and the eyeshadow 4 color blend panel thing.

However, as I get older, more of my friends know more about makeup and skincare and how it works and what’s worth the splurge and the ingredients and the beneficial factors. They have graciously taken me to Sephora and stood while I asked a million questions, and now, I am no pro-and most days I don’t wear eyeshadow, but I feel as though I am stepping forward in knowledge.


My friend and neighbor (yay!), Nadia, used to work at Clinique and is now a part of the BeautyCounter world. When she first told me about Beautycounter, I was like, it’s a pyramid scheme, don’t do this.

However, something switched for me when she got a box of products to hand out to her friends to try for a few days. I used the face wash and the face exfoliator, and it was like silk. I have had super sensitive skin since the 2nd month of college (who knows why then???). But I have tried many a face wash, exfoliator, lotion, everything. But this face wash left me feeling super hydrated and not red and irritated, like pretty much all natural and gentle face washes did.

So, I started to get a little excited and now have quiteeee a few products (black Friday helped!).

If you haven’t heard of Beautycounter, it is a skin care and cosmetic company started 2 years ago by a woman who, through research, found that our government has not passed a law that states that companies need to regulate what chemicals are going into skin care products since 1938. This is when makeup and body products were starting to be mass produced in the US. The European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals that are deemed as unsafe for their beauty products, and the US has only banned 11.

So basically, companies in the US are allowed to use toxins, parabens, and other chemicals usually used for fragrance or shelf life or cheap color and fillers in their products and no one is batting an eye. Not the lab scientist blending nor the FDA that they take these products to.

There are all SORTS of stories, scientific research, and statistics that come from somewhere or another that say that the rate of breast cancer has risen in the last 30 years and the products we use are soaking harmful chemicals into our bloodstream over and over. I personally think that this is very possible as well as the lack of diet and exercise in our culture.

This is something that I think you need to research yourself! I spent a few hours going down a long hole of educational journals from universities with reports of parabens and what is the limit that the body can take, mouse lab studies of parabens, and what percentage of parabens the European government and health care system deem acceptable for the human body.

Check out these articles for more accurate and well written information:

After talking to a friend in the chemical testing industry, we came to the conclusion that it is a GOOD thing for the Beautycounter team to be protesting on Capitol Hill and meeting with government representatives to try and get these products regulated-how sweet is that?! They actually spend time doing that amongst producing new safe products and running their business?!  Companies that are capitalizing on organic and natural words and high prices should NOT be allowed to put weird fillers in beauty products and not have to report it on their label.

I haven’t seen enough evidence that shows that FOR SURE parabens or toxins are the root cause of raising levels of cancer and deformities (would I be surprised if that does come out? No. Not at all), but I can speak for these product’s performance.

One of the most intriguiging parts to this company is Christy Coleman. She is a celebrity and fashion makeup artist, who has switched to using only Beautycounter products on her models. She was hired on the team in the very beginning to ensure that the products that were safe were also going to perform well and look good. 

Here is what I have and here is what I like about each of them!

1. Shower Routine


All of the body products smell like citrus-so I am in uniform after the shower. I like the shampoo and conditioner-they are concentrated and don't take much to clean and hydrate. They include macula and mongongo oils as we'll as rooibos leaf extract and ximenia seed oil to restore luster and soften. The body wash is super gentle and soft. It also uses similar oils as well as omega acid and Vitamin E. And the body lotion is also hydrating and soft-seriously helping me through these dry weeks with its safflower oils and shea and jojoba butters.

2. Face  


Like I said up top, I love love the face wash and exfoliator. I use the cleanser both morning and night, and the exfoliator every other morning. The cleanser is produced without the common ingredient sodium laurel soffate, which is usually what causes irritation. The exfoliator is made with non-plastic beads, less rough on your face as well as better for the environment. It is so soft and feels like I get the oil and grime off without feel irritated or sensitive.  

3. Foundation  


My second favorite is the Tint Skin Foundation.  I have tried many foundations as well, this foundation goes on so smoothly and leaves no creases but is not thick and creamy. It still does cover up well-it's not lacking. 

The Highlighter Concealer Pen has been awesome for my dark under eye circles.  There is something called knotgrass extract in there? It is claimed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. (I concur!)

3. Powder  


After the foundation, I like dabbing a little of this powder all of my face. It's colorless, so I like that it doesn't add a whole new wild unknown shade to my skin.  

4. Face Oil   


The best. I don't know a ton about face oils. I have read enough articles to figure out the purpose.  I thought, my skin is oily?! Why would I put more oil on it!? Well. These are good pure plant oils. Compared to synthetic oils, which sit on the skin and cause skin to be oily, this oil absorbs into your face and hydrates it entirely. And they soften and moisturize my skin in a whole new way that I didn't have before when using only my water based face lotion. I put this on at night over my cream and let it do its thang while I snooze. 

So! Because these are all about the same price point as Sephora products and I have enjoyed all of these far more than any other designer makeup I have tried, I am going to keep using Beautycounter.  

I am also throwing a little brunch party this Saturday at my place. I never ever throw or go to home parties, but Nadia will be able to tell everyone more about this company and their products. Along with coffee and brunch time, there will be time to wash your face and try on all of these products and wayyyy more than shown here. Nadia will guide you in layering your products and finding your right shade! You get to just play in the makeup. Never any pressure to purchase. Not in my house! 

Message me if you'd like to come!  It's on Pleasant St. :) 

If you're not into house parties, feel free to visit this link and shop online:'s+Social/#



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