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I am so well rested.  

Thanksgiving weekend was our first 4 day weekend that we didn't travel anywhere. And it was beautiful.  

You know how Friday night comes and you're exhausted from the hurried flow of the workdays and weeknight activities? Well Wednesday night came too fast for my exhaustion cycle, so I was like "what do I do with all this time off?!".  

Please, Emily. We always find things.  

Zach and I stopped in the new REI (finally! Des Moines is getting some recognition and faith of our activeness!)  

Our friend Nathan came to stay and we welcomed him with beers and nachos at The Library.  

He introduced us to a new Amazon Prime tv show and we may or may not have finished it before the long weekend was over. 

Thanksgiving, we headed to Zachs parents and ate, talked, shot shot guns (?!), and had a pie baking contest.  

The winner was his dad's sugar-cream pie. It is SO GOOD AND UNLIKE A PIE YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN. 

Friday was a lazy eggs benedict and Bloody Mary breakfast at Mullets, followed by an entire afternoon and evening sitting in this beautiful space with my good friend Nadia! How great is this?! It's steps from my apartment. 

That night Zach and I binged on said new tv show-Man in the High Castle. It's seriously very interesting. 

Saturday's breakfast was going to Mars, getting in a little argument, grocery shopping, and making pancakes together. We worked it out over pancakes, because you can't be mad over pancakes. But really, it happens. I'm emotional, and we are both selfish and we also both have different expectations that don't get shared sometimes. But, Zach knows me well and I know him, and we make it a priority to never let those things turn into anger or intentional hurt. I'm am so thankful and grateful to be in the marriage that I am-is what I was reminded of during pancakes (one day post Thanksgiving) 

We took family photos for some new friends at our church and then we found these on our way out! 

 We sponsored (same thing as buying, right?) two bowls of pho from a new place down the road and headed home for more cozy tv (I know, I know).  

The next day we joined all of our friends at church! And I got to have a last minute cozy tea party  (seriously) with my friends who ALSO live just down the block! 

The weekend ended with laundry and cooking and it was all just fine! I rested plenty for work this week-and now gearing up for a weekend of parties and get togethers!

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you rested well!






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