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Minneapolis, All the Hits.

Minneapolis, All the Hits.

Last weekend started with a glorious day off after a long work trip away. Zach is the sweetest to me and left me some of my most beloved treats. :) 

I spent the morning with coffee and a warm apartment.

After work, we headed to Minneapolis in the dark (boooooo).

We made our way to Zipp’s to pick up an undiscovered Field Recordings wine (for the girls) and Pseudo Sue and Surly (for the boys).

Our good friends married each other last fall and had a baby late this summer-going to visit our friends is a treat, but. SERIOUSLY, hanging with this adorable baby is amazing.

We spent Friday catching up in their new cozy apartment.

The next morning, the guys went and picked us up yeast pancakes (what?!) with brie, walnuts, and amazing syrup along with a cream cheese and veggie omlet from Colossal Cafe and grabbed coffee from Angry Catfish.

We talked, ate, sipped, and hung out with baby Hudson.

We spent the day walking through shops in the North Loop:

Shinola + Filson

These shops are filled with beautiful handcrafted products that make you want to curate your fall and winter home décor very carefully and thoughtfully. Everything is so well displayed and styled. We bought the most amazing candle that Zach eyed the last time he was at Wilson and Willy’s. It smells like woodsmoke, tobacco, pine, and citrus. Basically Zach and I combined.

We grabbed poutine, sweet potato fries, patty melts, and huge burgers at Red Cow.

So sleepy, Hudson led the way back to Ben and Brenna’s apartment for afternoon naps.

Zach and I headed to a little hole in the wall Vietnamese place for pho and warm tea.

A few months back , I saw that City and Colour was coming to play at First Ave. Zach has loved Dallas Green for maybe 8+ years, and somehow has never found his way to see him live.

So I tried to surprise him with tickets (the surprised was ruined by shared bank accounts, tips anyone?) 

So we headed downtown and waited in line. The venue filled up and up and up-seriously way more packed than I have known any show there to be.

But the show was SO good. My experiences with City and Colour are almost all in a dark cozy car with on the way home from a road trip with Zach. This concert hit all those same feels. Also Zach loved it, so automatic win.

The next morning we kissed little Hudson goodbye (and Ben and Brenna) and headed to Uptown for breakfast at French Meadow. We grabbed Dogwood coffee as always and browsed through CB2 (and TRIED SO HARD to buy the most beautiful rug in the store/world, until it was sold out until Christmas).

Zach's fall wardrobe treat (mine was my fineeeeeee leather jacket) was a thick crew neck sweatshirt from Chrome, a commuter gear apparel company.

I really enjoy the time we spend in Minneapolis, it always includes seeing good friends. There are SO many good restaurants and so many shops popping up. It was so good to get to spend time with Ben and Brenna. We spent all of dinner talking about how much of an encouragement they are to live life with (as few and far between as our visits are). They respect and serve each other so well through all of the changes they have had in their year together. Zach and I have much to learn from the way they parent and love each other. Until next time, Minneapolis.

The First Snow!

The First Snow!

The Spaids. It's Done.

The Spaids. It's Done.